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Customer's Reviews


Val G. Toronto, ON 5/2/2010

I needed an outfit for a cabaret themed party and after posting a help notice on another social media site, the ever knowledgeable

Laura C. came to my aid and suggested Reflections Vintage on Yonge St. The family that runs the store, especially the daughter,

were very helpful and found several dresses that suited the style I needed for me to try on.


I found an elegant black ’20s style dress with a gold belt across the waist and pearls sewn into it for $52. The best part about this outfit

is that I can wear it to any occasion, it’s so versatile and not so ‘costumey’ like you’d find at non-vintage costume shops. I received

numerous compliments of it throughout the evening on how well it suited me.

They also had flapper style hair bands, costume jewelry and a good selection of vintage pieces. I was able to get everything

I needed for my outfit in one stop and for a reasonable price.If you are going to a themed or costume party of any kind,

I definitely recommend stopping by here for an original costume find. The selection of dresses is massive and you are sure to

find a treasure or two.



Steph L. Toronto, ON 10/5/2011

One of the best spots for vintage and unique costumes!
If you don’t want a pre-packaged costume (or even if you do), this theatrical store has items that no one else will have.

A lot of the clothing and accesories are donated by charities, so you might have to sift through a few racks.  This place reminds me

of a vintage/costume Winners but in a super small space.  The owner’s daughter is very helpful, I definitely needed to ask for help to

find what I was looking for. For Halloween, they move some of their regular stock around to make room for costumes.  

Also, they have a lot of great pre-packaged costumes and I found them about $10 – $15 dollars cheaper than other stores that

I checked out online.  This store also caters to the transgender community and they have a whole back room of costumes. Throughout October, they continuously bring in new stock.  So, I was going often to see what new offerings they had.  I heard that there are

lineups to get into the store close to Halloween, so I advise trying to get here earlier in the month. Life needs more masquerade parties!  Someone host a costume ball so I can buy more stuff from here.  =)


Meagan T. Toronto, ON 2/21/2012

Shortly before Christmas I still had a few names on my list that I was drawing a huge blank on. One of whom was my mother-in-law.  

Boy and I had a few things picked out, but it needed something else –I’m big on thoughtful gifting.

His family is Indian, and they really enjoy symbolism. I’d read somewhere that giving a gift in the form of an elephant suggests that

you hold the recipient in very high regard. Nothing could be more true, so when I noticed a large selection of sparkling brooches,

several of which were shaped like elephants, I had to stop in. The father and daughter who were minding the shop were great, and

while helping me pick out the perfect gift, we chatted easily. I browsed about for a while –there’s so much to look at

there– and managed to find a few pretty hair pins to glam out an up-do I’d recently mastered.

Great selection, great prices, family-owned and operated. I will most certainly be back, in search of more pretty unique pieces that you

wont find in a chain store. I would not recommend going here if youre in a rush, because there is a TON to look at and it can be a bit overwhelming. I also would not recommend going during busy times, (like the day before halloween?) because its not a very big space

and with costumes covering every available surface and even the ceiling, I imagine it would become claustrophobic hell in a hurry.

Pick a quiet Tuesday afternoon when you have time to browse and I guarantee you’ll have a ball.

The perfect ending to this little tale: His mother loves the brooch, and my hair looked fabulous.


John D. Toronto, ON 1/10/2013  

One word to sum up this store………….AMAZING!!!!!!!!

during halloween I was so lost when coming up with ideas as to what to be for my party that was approaching.  I was referred to

this store by my friend and I was absoutely amazed by how much variety they had in costumes.  I have never seen any business

that had the assortment in stock that they did.  There was so much to choose from….but yet manageable.

The owners and workers were really polite, helpful and mindful to my needs.  They had a lot of patience with me when I needed

some time to look through their costumes.  Their store was so organized which helped me out a lot.


Rodney P. Cambridge, ON 2/1/2013

You can’t ask for more when you get professionalism and perfection. Dominic will not only get what you want he makes miracles happen. The quality of his merchandise is incredible and you have the full price spectrum. Our customers are always excited when they come

out of his store. We will always send our couture bridal or cocktail dress clients their way. Thanks for being in business!

Rodney Philpott Designs.


Charlie A. Toronto, ON 10/20/2013

My husband and I had a very small, victorian gothic themed wedding in September. When we had stopped in the store to look around

at the end of June, they said to call them in August and they would pull some suits they had that would fit our wedding theme.

My husband called, and Dominic, the owner, pulled a suit based on the sound of my husbands voice. He said that’s how he sized him up. Well, when we got there and he put that suit on, it was PERFECT!! The style, the fit, everything! It was exactly what we were looking for

and would not have found elsewhere. Top hat, suit with tails, black ruffled shirt, cummerbund, and bow tie were all perfect and

matched my custom made dress perfectly! Thank you to Dominic and Karyn for making our day so special and absolutely perfect!

Vintage Reflections is a treasure trove of wonders! Go around Hallowe’en and you’re in for a treat!


Christianne E. Toronto, ON 11/6/2013

This is one of my favourite places in Toronto and I love the staff – they are like family! They have a fabulous selection of vintage and costume jewelry; I honestly can’t walk out of the store without something in hand. There are gems all over so make sure you

look in the creaks and crevices. As a shoppaholic who will be in a CBC documentary in January, my friend and I chose this spot to

film a look into our (fun) addiction. Check it out!

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