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Quality Vintage & New

Petticoats, Crinolines & Pettipants

Attending a formal occasions, performances, costume parties or just for fun, we have a wide selection of quality vintage and new petticoats, crinolines and ruffle pettipants  for all type of event and outfits.

We have a large collection of modern crinolines, short one layer petticoats, tulle petticoats, petticoat dresses to deluxe multiple layers in an assortment of colours. 

These petticoats and crinolines are great for weddings, photo shoots, Halloween, theme parties, performances, festivals or just for fun! 


We carry plus size petticoats and crinolines, costume petticoats and crinolines and deluxe petticoats and crinolines

We guarantee all our vintage petticoats are clean and in perfect condition!