Quality Theatrical CostumeWigs
Attending or hosting a theme costume party? creating an outfit where you need to change your hair style?
We have a variety of quality of vintage and new theatrical costume wigs available online. Simple to deluxe wigs, short to long wigs, in a variety of colours.

How to Take Care of a Theatrical Costume Wig

Theatrical wigs are reusable and easy to maintain.

Wig styling tips:

Some wigs may require some additional styling to achieve the desired look.

Remove wig from the packaging and hold onto the inner wig and lightly shake to loosen the wig.

Remove tangles with your fingertips. (For wigs without curls, gently brush).

If required use hair spray or a dryer sheet to reduce frizz.

All theatrical wigs are NOT heat resistant therefore not suitable for hot styling equipment.

How to wash your wig:

Fill a bowl with cool water and mild shampoo and place wig into the water.

Leave the wig to soak for 5 minutes. Do not rub the fibers. 
Rinse under cool running water.

Shake excess water offwig and place on a towel to dry.
Brush wig when it is completely dry; do not brush wigs that are curly.