Quality Vintage Furs

We take pride in selling quality vintage furs for over a decade. We take great initiative to hand select all vintage furs to guarantee mint condition. We look for rips, how the fur has been stored, the consistency of colour and do our best to treat the furs to continue their quality.
Vintage fur is knowing you are re-using something quality for many years to come. Stay warm and look great with a quality vintage fur.
Providing a variety of quality vintage second hand furs online

We have men & women fur jackets, fur coats, fur hats and fur shawls in the following furs:
Mink, Fox, Ocelot, Beaver, Raccoon, Otter and Shearling.

We do not purchase fur from the public

Why & How to Choose a Vintage Fur

We believe choosing a vintage fur and reliving it is better for our environment and our self conscious.

When selecting your vintage fur you may ask yourself what purpose you would like your vintage fur for? 


We sell furs for two purposes. Long term everyday wear and short term festival - costume needs.

There is nothing warmer then a vintage fur to last many years when carefully cared for. 

If you are looking for a vintage fur for everyday you may want a fur that would compliment your style and body. You may prefer a vintage fur that is short haired like mink or sheared fur as the long haired furs such as fox tends to be bolder and make one feel larger even though that's the look.

If you are looking for a vintage fur for a festival or costume, you may want something that's long haired such as fox or ocelot with funky prints and maybe something oversize to add character.

How to Care for Your Vintage Fur

Vintage fur is simpler to care for then you think. Even though the fur is no longer alive, it still needs to breathe to stay in good condition. No plastic bag or garment bag to as this dries the fur out and the fur  We recommend a cloth bag, pillow case or a cardboard box. These materials allow the furs to breath and does not dry out the furs.


We realized over the years you don't need moth balls to store your fur garments so this eliminates that smell that most people don't enjoy. If you feel you need to freshen up your vintage fur we normally spray the fur with  febreze and hang it out on a nice sunny day to get natural fresh air. You will see the difference and be able to enjoy your vintage fur.