Vintage Western Cowboy Boots
Attending or hosting a western theme event? Going to the stampede or rodeo?
Looking for a cowboy or cowgirl outfit? Want to look like your in the wild Wild West? 
We can help!
We have a wonderful collection of quality authentic western boots available online and at our showroom in Durham, Ontario
Wild wild west to cowboy /cowgirl, we offer a variety of quality vintage western wear for theme events, festivals & personal style.
We do our to take live, clear and as many pictures as possible to guarantee what you see is what you will receive.
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Difference Between Mens & Women's Western Cowboy Boots

There are many differences between western cowboy boots.

Heel, Toe, Shape, Size & Design


Compared to women's western boots, men's western boots are often lower heel cut. The tallest men's boot heel is around 2" inches compared to women's heel can go up tp 3 1/2" inches high.


The most common types of western cowboy boot heels are vertical and inclined.

The toe shape of a western boot is very different for men and women, including pointed toe, snip toe, rounded toe, square toe and broad square toe.

How to Measure Your Foot for Western Cowboy Boots

Proper Western Cowboy Boot Fit



Trace the outline of each foot on a piece using a pencil held perpendicular to the paper.


Measure the circumference around the ball of foot (left & right)


Measure the circumference around the instep of the foot (left & right)


Measure the length of the foot from the back of the heel to the centre of the ball of the foot (left & right)


Measure the length of each foot when standing 9left & right)


Shoe/boot size and width you normally wear.



Measure the circumference around the widest part of your calf of the leg and the height from the floor (left & right) 

Western Cowboy Boots Size Chart