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Available online and at special events.


We specialize in quality, real and affordable vintage clothing and accessories, beautiful vintage, antique and new jewelry, selected fine antiques and fun theatrical costumes for an array of themes!


Our focus is on quality, unique and fun items that you may give as a gift or keep it for yourself.

Here at Reflections we guarantee and focus on quality, ensuring what we sell is in good condition and is authentic to what we advertise. We do our best to take live, clear and as many pictures as possible to guarantee what you see is what you will receive.

We at Reflections enjoy being different and having fun with what we sell, hoping you may carry on this tradition with what you have purchased from us.

Our collection of quality vintage clothing, vintage, antique and new Jewelry, fun theatrical costumes and selected fine antiques are available online and at specialty shows throughout Ontario, Canada

Check out where we will be next and our new arrivals below. 

We hope you enjoy our vintage, antique and theatrical costume products as much as we enjoy collecting and selling them.

Thank you and enjoy your visit.

What Our Customers are Saying

John D.

"One word to sum up this store………….AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Absolutely amazed by how much variety they had in costumes

Owners and workers were really polite, helpful and mindful to my needs."

Charlie A.

"Reflections is a treasure trove of wonders!

 I had a Victorian gothic themed wedding.


The style, the fit, everything! It was exactly what we were looking for.


Our day was so special and absolutely perfect!"

Mark C.

"What an awesome store for vintage clothing and costume ideas.

This place has an amazing assortment of rows upon rows of hats, vests, shirts, boots....you name it.

I would visit over and over"

Peter H.

"This was my 1st visit to Reflections

The best selections I have ever seen-beyond omg and amazing!

It was fabulous & so much fun and laughing experience for me


One stop shopping, Thank you so very much"

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