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Embracing Costume Dress-up in our adult lifestyle - A Healthy way to Live, Laugh & Costume on!

As we go forward in this journey called life, do you ever reflect on your childhood memories when you dressed up as your favourite fictional character or seeing that character of your own imagination come to life. Remember when making your one of a kind homemade costume with all your creative energy carrying you away to your happy place.

As the owner of Reflections, a vintage theatrical costume shop, we've realized many adults continue to dress up in costumes as if they were reliving their childhood memories. Halloween has become an annual festivity for many adults allowing themselves to dress up in a themed costume to become a character in disguise for one night.

Other themed events were created throughout the year allowing adults to embrace costumes. Venturing to costume themed parties, building and attending costume themed festivals and couples integrating a costume theme into their wedding day. We also realized companies incorporating themes into their holiday parties and team building events to enhance the work environment and culture.

Why costume dress up is popular in adults and how it enhances our lifestyle?

Costume dress up for adults have become popular over the years since we started to feel disconnected from one another due to work life, technology and social media. Realizing how empty this made us feel, we wanted to find a way to reconnect. Some of us reflected on the moments of when we knew times were good and when people came together to enjoy each ones presence. Finding an avenue such as costume dress up, allows us to let go and be ourselves without judging one another.

Our perspective of costume dress up is becoming the norm In many of our lives and we believe the positive impact of our mental wellbeing is a result of costume dress up.

What are the most popular costume themes at Reflections?

Most of our customers often go into a retail store were they see the same trends and most of the items are made for fast fashion not lasting as long as our vintage clothing and costume collection. We believe our customers who enjoy our vintage clothing and costumes say “our items remind them of their childhood memories”. Our vintage clothing and costumes allows our customers to own something unique, quality, different from what’s out there and allows the individuals to wear what they like.

At Reflections we are so grateful to have amazing customers who enjoy our diverse collection of vintage themed clothing and costumes to allow our most popular themes happen.

  • 1920’s Great Gatsby, Flapper and Gangster, Murder Mysteries

  • 1970's Disco Studio 54

  • Burning Man Festival and alike events

  • Steampunk

  • Vintage Western Wear

  • Masquerade Parties

  • Circus Productions and Parties

  • Vintage Theme Weddings

  • Vintage Furs and Faux Furs

  • Comic Con and Anime reenactments

What’s another word for theatrical and why are costumes used?

Over the years we have learned the meaning of theatrical can be different based on the purpose, the type of event or performance and the knowledge of the person we are working with. We also understand costumes play a significant role, therefore, a costumes enables the audience or other participants to identify the character through appearance improving visual perception of information's which convey meanings to the audience. We have the privilege to accommodate many people at all levels of theatrical either for an amateur private affair to a professional production. Watching our clients transform with our vintage clothing and costumes gives us the great joy to see how dramatic stagy and showy our clients can be while looking fantastic.

Would you like to be part of a community where dressing up in theme costumes are involved and be with like minded people?

Here are just a few events we dress people for.

Burning Man Festival


Facebook Page

Toronto Facebook Group




Facebook Page


Toronto Steampunk Society

Facebook Page

Calgary Stampede Rodeo


Facebook Page

Anime North


Facebook Page

We understand growing up, life gets serious, most of us work at jobs that satisfy one part of our lives, we are in relationships that sometimes have serious moments. Having a costume dress up as an outlet in our lives allows us to take time off from the highs and lows that life brings us. It allows us to be creative, be different and become a character just for one night to enrich our lives mentally and physically.

Share with us!

What are your childhood or adult costume dress up memories that make you happy?

What are your favourite costume themes?

Do you know of an event where costumes are involved?

Thank you and costume on!


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